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Exceed your business objectives by empowering leaders with coaching and development tools through Manage 4 Performance.

Manage for Performance

As performance experts M4P has measured and optimized the performance of over 15,000 employees. We’ve proved that the most effective way to hit your business goals is to put the right people in the right seats and to use targeted data in coaching them to achieve engaged, connected success.

We’ve refined this process within our own teams and what we have is too good to keep to ourselves.

Manage 4 Performance maximizes real-time performance and alignment data hand in hand with proven coaching tools, specific to your company. M4P is a partnership equipping you to, engage, empower, and optimize your people and exceed your business goals. It’s science.

Close the Loop

A proper talent strategy is key to business success. 

Silent Killers

High Engagement; Low Performance

69% of employees say they would be more productive if they felt their efforts were better recognized.


Low Engagment; Low Performance

Business assassins: On average, Contaminators cost companies more than 34% of their annual salary.


Performance over Engagement Matrix

Committed Champions

High Engagement; High Performance

80% of employees said they prefer real-time recognition and feedback vs. formal reviews.

Lone Wolves

Low Engagement; High Performance

Culture killers: In the wrong place their indirect cost is their impact on the retention of others.


Build your team and coach them with the real time data.

Weekly One-on-One Meetings

Foster connectedness by measuring the health of your organization on a weekly basis. Quick One-on-One meetings increase productivity and decrease employee turnover.

Quarterly Documented Conversations

Build on your informal weekly chats with formalized quarterly conversations. Remove bias, allow for a more objective-based discussion about current performance, solidify engagement and uncover future coaching items.

Shout Outs

Build an employee-first organization by allowing your people to publicly recognize individuals who truly embody the culture you’re striving for. 69% of employees say they would be more productive if their efforts were recognized.

Hire for Performance


Manage 4 Performance is a framework you can customize to suit your specific needs.  Pay only for the modules you need.  Add or remove them any time.

Realtime Feedback

Realtime Feedback

Post – COVID, performance management needs to evolve to a consistent feedback scenario. The M4P system is designed to do that while it focuses your coaching on the key alignment items that matter the most.




Designed format to focus your coaching on the key areas of behaviors, values, motivations and skills. Utilizing multiple opportunities from one-on-one meetings, real time feedback, and reviews to drive performance.


Pulse Surveys

Pulse Surveys

Make informed team decisions with feedback from a multitude of stakeholders by gathering important responses from your team with a click of a button


Accountability Org Chart


Clearly designed accountability chart that is built to transparently translate important information on how your team is doing with their performance and alignment. Transparency on key items naturally drives increased accountability across your team.


Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking

Performance objectives and coaching material is scoreable and easily tracked. With increased data, your business can operate efficiently while making informed decisions for the future

Knowledge Base Articles

Management Resources

The platform provides an expansive network on coaching material for managers as they navigate the different challenges that they need to solve with their teams.


Bulk Import/Update

Bulk Import/Exporting

Big jobs made simple.

Performance Tracking

Project Management

Never miss your coaching opportunity.


API Integrations

You name it and we can automate it.

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