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ROI Calculator

This calculator simulates the potential return on investment you could realize using M4P to increase employee performance & engagement, and lower attrition rates.

Enter your current metrics to calculate your potential results.


Current Performance Value $6,500,000
Current Performance (at 100%) $10,000,000
Current Performance Loss ($3,500,000)
Current Loss (Performance + Attrition) ($3,620,000)
Potential Performance (at 75.0%) $7,500,000
ROI with M4P $892,000
Cost Per Hire $12,000
ROI Per $1 Spent $31.63
Current Attrition Cost $120,000
Cost of Application Year 1 $33,200
Cost of Application (After 1y) $28,200
Estimated Attrition Cost $108,000

ROI: $892,000

These numbers are based on real customer data gathered during an opt-in 2021 audit of our over 4,000 active users.
Your actual results may vary.

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